Live Transfer Leads

Take sales to a new level when you directly connect with Live Transfer Leads.

Say goodbye to the days of playing phone tag with leads! An elite lead type, live transfers are highly sought after, but with good reason. Not only do we connect you with online health insurance shoppers who have indicated desire to speak with an agent, but live transfers also boast the highest closing percentage of any lead type. When you partner with Insurance lead, you know that you’ll be receiving high-quality leads. Our Live Transfer Leads receive…
  • The Best of the Best

    Live Transfer leads have the best closing percentage and are of the highest quality, so you don’t waste money on leads you can’t connect with.
  • The Advantage

    Spend less time sifting through bad leads – Live Transfers are genuinely interested prospects who have requested to be connected with an agent.
  • Guaranteed Contact

    Take the uncertainty of trying to connect with insurance shoppers, with these leads – you’re connected directly and instantly.
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