Uninsurable Leads

Tap Into A Lucrative Niche With Uninsurable Leads

Some prospects are unable to qualify for standard insurance coverage, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need the help of an agent. These prospects may even need it more! Through discount medical and/or prescription drug programs, agents are able to assist those normally uninsurable consumers and provide them with the guidance they need. Insurancelead.com can deliver a steady flow of uninsurable leads, which can often times close more quickly than standard health policies. Affordable, low-risk discount programs can turn these leads into quick revenue for the enterprising agent. With our Uninsurable leads, you can expect…
  • Immediate.

    With our instant delivery, you’ll be able to contact the lead before they have a chance to walk away from their computer.
  • Genuine Interest.

    Our leads provide their information because they are searching for coverage. We do not incentivize by offering prizes and other rewards to get prospects to submit their information.
  • Educated shoppers.

    Because of the educational material provided on our lead-generating websites, our shoppers are more educated and closer to the crucial buying decision. We prepare them for your call.
If you are looking to expand your pipeline with this often overlooked market, fill out the form to be contacted by a lead specialist and learn more about turning Uninsurable leads into steady income.