Illinois Medicare Leads

The senior population of America is growing fast. In the next couple of years, at least 70 million Baby Boomers will turn 65 and become eligible for Medicare. A lot of these seniors will choose government-subsidized Medicare Advantage from private agents and companies. Others will opt for Medicare Supplements (Medigap) to complement their existing Medicare coverage. This huge market is a great opportunity for sales and profit. Medicare policies are easy to underwrite and it usually comes with guaranteed approval which also means guaranteed income for agents. Illinois poses a big market potential being the most populous state in the Midwest region. Chicago alone has an estimated population of almost three million people and a lot of its working class are going to be seniors soon. The market is there and the demand is high. Your challenge now is how to become the right agent for the job. Let help you. is an industry leader in online lead generation. With our wide network of partner sites and comprehensive marketing strategies, we receive thousands of Illinois Medicare Leads each day. Partner with us and we’ll send you a constant flow of Medicare leads from the state’s major cities such as Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, Joliet, Naperville and Elgin just to name a few. With you’ll get Illinois Medicare Leads that are:
  • Search-engine-driven. We generate our leads through a wide network of websites, using advanced search engine marketing strategies. What we provide are real people who are actively shopping for Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement (Medigap) programs.
  • Never incentivized. We never “bribe” our prospects with gifts or prizes just so they’ll fill out our lead forms. Tactics like those decrease quality and at, excellent quality is our only goal.
  • Delivered in real-time. Timing is everything in sales. We deliver our leads to agent inboxes immediately after they enter our system. This keeps the prospect’s interest intact and the desire to purchase strong.
  • Prepared for your call. All of our leads have been prepared for your call. They specifically requested to speak with an insurance agent about Medicare quotes and they have already been briefed with all the information they need.
With, you can say goodbye to making cold calls and other ineffective marketing strategies. You’ll manage your time better and focus on actually creating sales. We are committed to giving you excellent leads as well as all-out support. Upon purchase, we’ll even give you access to our sales and marketing resources as well as send you a FREE BrokerOffice lead management system. It’s time to step up and give your business the boost it needs. With our Illinois Medicare Leads, success is within your reach. Contact us today to find out more about how we can assist you.