North Carolina Medicare Leads

Quick and easy income, these are what insurance agents want. And when it comes to effortless income, expert agents know that Medicare products are the way to go. Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement (Medigap) policies are excellent profit-generators not only because they are easy to underwrite, but also because they are backed by a growing market. The senior population of America has increased rapidly in the recent years and with more than 70 million Baby Boomers becoming Medicare-eligible, agents are eager to provide their services. This occurrence holds true for North Carolina. Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Durham and other major cities in North Carolina are seeing an increase in the demand for Medicare products as well. To get a hold of this unique niche, an agent has to reach the customers faster than the competition. will help you do just that. is an expert when it comes to Medicare lead generation. With our advanced search-engine marketing strategies and wide network of online partners, North Carolina Medicare Leads enter our system by the hundreds each day. And if you partner with us, we’ll deliver these quality leads straight to your inbox. Our North Carolina Medicare Leads are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Clients can be assured that all leads are:
  • Delivered in real time. We deliver our leads to agent inboxes just moments after they enter our system. This allows agents to reach the customers while their interest in Medicare insurance is still fresh.
  • From actual insurance shoppers. Our leads are never incentivized. It’s not enough to get big numbers because our goal is always good quality. What we give clients are real prospects that are actively on the lookout for Medicare policies.
  • Shared or exclusive. We give clients the option to choose what they need. We can provide Exclusive Medicare leads which will be sent to only one agent and we also have Shared Medicare leads which are never oversold.
  • Backed up by a replacement policy. is committed to providing quality leads. We give agents an industry-best ten (10) days to submit invalid leads for immediate replacement credit.
Aside from providing excellent North Carolina Medicare Leads, we also give our clients comprehensive sales and marketing support. Upon purchase, they gain access to a wealth of resources which include sales scripts, training materials and marketing collaterals. We even provide our clients with a free BrokerOffice lead management system which allows easy monitoring of leads. With BrokerOffice, agents can make the most out of their investment. Our Medicare Advantage and Medigap policies will give your business the boost it needs. To find out more about our North Carolina Medicare Leads, fill out our contact form today.