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Insurance Leads provides premium, cost-effective insurance leads to fill your sales pipeline with serious online buyers - not just prospects.

Deposit $500, and we'll give you $100 in leads!
We do not sell or lease your information.

Health Leads

Genuine prospects generated from search engines and delivered in real time

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Senior Leads

Seniors are actively shopping for knowledgeable agents and the right Medicare coverage

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Live-Transfer Leads

Guaranteed phone connection with interested prospects, so you don’t have to track them down

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Uninsurable Leads

Help those who are unable to qualify for standard coverage

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Learn how online insurance leads can change the way you do business!

Have you unleashed the internet’s power to increase sales and eliminate time waste? Insurance Lead can do it for you. leads are generated from the nation’s leading search engines – the ones consumers use to find the products YOU sell!

  • Serious insurance buyers

    Our leads give you the opportunity to connect with real health insurance shoppers, who’s interest in coverage is authentic. We do not incentivize prospects to get them to provide their information. These potential clients come to our lead-generation sites because they want or need insurance.

  • Generous return policy

    We boast one of the most liberal return policies in the industry. No more time or money wasted on bad leads!

  • Immediate

    You get the lead as soon as the prospect submits their information. It’s that fast!

  • Options

    We evaluate your business and customize a lead package that fits your business and budget.

All Insurance Lead clients also receive our powerful and effective lead management software, which allows you to track, manage, and organize your leads from anywhere!

Begin to grow your sales pipeline now and call an Insurance Lead consultant to start receiving your leads today!